No 1 Bio

First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Pekka Keskinen — I'm a Helsinki based freelance designer (born in 1981), specialising in top-notch custom graphics. Let me tell you a bit about myself...

Pekka Keskinen

Here I am doing my thing — taking selfies and blasting some beats. #filmisnotdead

Graphic design and visual arts are my calling in life. Basically I've been into art, graphics and design all my life. I've been working as a full-time freelancer about ten years. Prior to that, I worked in few digital agencies in Helsinki and studied visual communications (barchelor of arts, 2008) in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

I'm very good at graphic design, web design and UI design. I'm also a photography enthusiast and an avid blogger, writing about 200 articles per year about art theory, visual communications and photography. I run my own 35mm film photography blog at and I regularly also contribute to

I am always available for freelance work. I do sub-contracting for advertising and digital agencies and of course straight B2B commissions. Get in touch if you're interested in availability, pricing or anything at all.

No 2 What can I do?

  • Graphic design for a vast, vast, VAST amount of purposes
  • Websites and web layouts
  • UI graphics and designs for apps
  • Branding, visual identity & logos
  • Digital illustrations
  • Visual content for social media
  • Campaign design and graphics
  • Marketing graphics for print and digital
  • Photography (film & digital) and picture editing
  • Light video productions
  • Copywriting and content production (social media, blogging etc.)