No 1 What do I do?

I believe in the power of content. When it's meaningful and effecient, It'll generate engagement.

Content is very important. On this day and age, it's role in communication is more signicant than ever. Our abilities to communicate determines our online presence and credibility. We all have the tools at our disposal and marketing is seemingly easier than ever. Some of us may be under the impression that, even though we have these easy marketing tools on Facebook and Instagram, they'd somehow make communication in any way easier. The hard part is, how ever, how to produce content that is effecient and meaningful. We all need following on social media, but how to actually achieve that? How to create content that will generate traffic, likes and shares? How to turn an ordinary visitor into an actual follower?

I've been interested in these questions ever since internet turned social. I have a background in web design and traditional graphic design, but the web, as we knew it, is long gone. We don't necessarily need the so called websites anymore, which were nothing more than containers for our actual messages. Today's containers are provided to us by social media platforms instead, and the quality of the content determines just how engaging they can be.

I've been utilising my graphic design and photography skills and combining them with my passion for writing. Understanding social media as an ecosystem, combined with the right kind of skill arsenal, is the secret recipe for truly engaging online communication in today's world.

No 2 Services

  • SEO-content
  • Copywriting
  • Visual design
  • Social media
  • Photography

No 3 About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen. I work in Helsinki, where I'm originally from (currently living in Sipoo). I became interested in visual arts and design at a very early age. I've studied communications in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, specialicing in design. I've been working with marketing agencies in Helsinki and freelancing as well. I initially fell in love with design after getting my hands on Adobe Photoshop, which is still my favourite visual editing tool to this date. I also became interested in writing via blogging. I worked mainly as a web designer for many years, before eventually becoming interested in online communications as a whole.