No 1 About Project

Attempts at 35mm is a photography blog and a pet project that has kept me busy since 2017. It revolves around 35mm photography and has gained a steady following in just couple of years.

In the very beginning Attempts at 35mm was a simple photo journal, but as it started to gain more audience, it grew into a serious blog that now draws in 300—900 active daily readers. It has +5000 organic followers on Instagram and +1000 on Facebook.

The blog is very active with about 200 new articles articles being published per year. Usual topics are street photography, gear reviews and the theory of photography.

Featured image design for a blog post

Featured image design for a blog post. Each post receives a custom design featured image, which are important for Facebook sharing among many other things. Customised and eye-catching imagery gets noticed on busy Facebook feeds more easily compared to generic ones.

Attempts at 35mm article screenshot

~500 word article on Henri Cartier-Bresson's famous photography quote. Read the article here (opens in new tab).

Attempts at 35mm article screenshot

Blog home page.

Attempts at 35mm Facebook screenshot

Screenshot from Attempts at 35mm Facebook page right after hitting 1000 followers.

No 3 Roles

  • Text / content
  • Content graphics
  • Social media management

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