No 1 About Project

Kameratori (a.k.a Kamerastore) is one of the Europe's biggest online stores for second hand camera gear. I had the pleasure of designing the new layout and visuals for their 2018 facelift.

The old website was badly outdated and in the need of a new convincing design. Kameratori has a reputation of being the number one market place for film cameras. It just happens that at the moment analog photography is really popular again. Many photographers, myself included, are returning to film photography. Film cameras are much in demand and Kameratori aims to be the largest seller of old cameras. But before any plans of world dominance, they needed to bring their website up to date with a modern desing and enhanced user experience.

I was involved in the website project as a graphic designer. (Front and backend development done by another agency.) My role was purely designing the new layouts and graphics with some additional input on the UI design.

Kameratori banner design

Banner design no.1 — Kameratori has a really solid online following. I designed some additional marketing assets to communicate the matter, and to direct customers to their various social media outlets.

Kameratori web design

Layout design for the brand new website. The home page also acts as the main product listing view. Each product item can be expanded for more info and cart functionality.

Kameratori web design

Single product view.

Kameratori web design

Compressed product listing style.

Kameratori screenshot

For a quick comparison, this is the actual screenshot of the old website, before the re-design.

Here's few more examples of social media related marketing assets. The idea behind these banners is to show the people and their actual work behind the company and to communicate about their strong social media presence. They also run numerous closely related side projects and collaborate with the key players in the analog photography community, which isn't always detectable from their actual website. Small assets like these can bridge the gaps between different platforms quite nicely.

Kameratori banner design

Banner design no.2 for Instagram.

Kameratori banner design

YouTube banner design.

Kameratori banner design

Banner design no.3 — The masterminds of Kameratori also run an international project called Camera Rescue, that has a substancial following on social media.

Kameratori banner design

Banner design no.4 — Second variation for the Camera Rescue Instagram design.

No 2 Roles

  • Web design (graphics only)
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing assets (banners etc.)
  • UI design

No 3 Website Edit: While I'm writing this, the site seems to be running temporarily again on the old platform. Presumably for some technical or maintenance reason(s).

No 4 Similar works