No 1 About Project

Museokortti (museum card) is an extremely popular product in Finland, that grants you a free entry on most of the museums in the entire country. It's official web service was completely re-designed in 2017 and I was part of the design team, taking responsibility of the graphic design and usability design.

In terms of design, the website was totally outdated prior the re-launch. The main goal was to bring the website aesthetically up-to-date and provide usefull service to the museum card users (exhibition and museum browsing and search etc). The interface was heavily influenced by Netflix's browsing system. layout design.

New website features a Netflix inspired browsing system.

Website in mobile device.

Social media assets.

Sex Pistols inspired campaign concept spoof.

Web design for Fmac (agency that runs Museum Card).

In addidion to website graphics, I also had the pleasure to design some additional graphics related to the museum card. I designed some amount of campaign graphics and social media content as well.

Since it's launch in July 2017, the website has already received numerous third party visual changes and updates. For this case study, I've included only the initial designs for the project. The actual website is up and running at but to get the most accurate view of my actual designs, please refer the screenshots above instead. Much of the graphics and designs, that are live at the site, may not perhaps represent the quality of the original designs.

No 2 Roles

  • Web design (graphics only)
  • UI design
  • Social media graphics
  • Campaign graphics

No 3 Website

No 4 Similar works