No 1 About Project

Zero Keyboard is a business app, targeted for Salesforce users. It is operated without actually having to type down the sales memos, relying more on quick and easy gestures and hands-free features. I've been involved in the app develpment and branding since 2014 as a graphic and UI designer.

The app has been developed by a finnish start up called Blucup. Back in the day the app didn't have any kind of visual branding. In terms of visuals, everything had to be designed from the scratch. The initial steps involved designing a logo and a strong visual concept. The work has continued ever since and the app has been refined and iterated continuously — technically and graphically as well.

Logo design.

UI designs for quick data inserting.

Basic interface designs for list views, tasks and memos.

Web design for (early 2018 model).

One of the many marketing and tutorial videos I've produced. Filming, editing and post production done by me.

Mobile landing page design.

Desktop version of the backend design.

My role in our affiliation has expanded and during the years; initially I started with the app design but eventually ventured into designing the company's website and backend UI. I've also designed plenty of marketing materials, including social media content and marketing videos.

No 2 Roles

  • Website (graphics + front end)
  • UI design and graphics for the app
  • Logo design and branding
  • Backend design
  • Print materials
  • Marketing videos
  • Social media content

No 3 Website

No 4 Similar works