September 26th, 2018

New website finally online!

Alright — finally new website online! I've been working with my portfolio solution(s) for ages now, as I've been pondering with some major questions about the entire internet lately. First of all, does anyone even visit websites nowadays when all the traffic seem to revolve around social media? What is the significance of a so called traditional website? I certainly feel as a freelancer, that I need a good old portfolio website, even though the traffic is way less what is used to be. I have most of my stuff at my Dribbble page, but that alone just doesn't seem to cut it as a stand-alone portfolio. Social media has become so over-hyped and almost corrupted, that I've started to develop a bit of an allergy towards artificially trying to force a social media presence. Instead I've started to miss the so called old internet more, which is why I thoroughly enjoy the idea of a simple, old school website to showcase my best and most recent work.

Lately I've been enjoying writing too... a lot — and I was thinking about moving towards a blog based website. That would be really good for search engines too, but then again, I really stand behind the idea of portfolio being the most important tool for a freelance designer. I ended up having just this small 'news' section to give me a light news blogging platform. If I'll end up writing significantly more, I may expand to a full blast blogging platform.

I did a complete re-design of my visual concept as well. I went with an 1980's inspired direction. For the past few years, it has been increasingly frustrating to witness the internet becoming less and less visual and design oriented. Visually internet is nowadays very repetative and intellectually lazy. I really enjoy the idea of having a visually satisfying web with rich graphics and clever art directional ideas.

I'm an eighties child myself and even though the visual side of the entire 1980's is completely questionable, it has started to become retro enough, in order to be cool again. It certainly tickles my nostalgia tooth and I've started to notice I'm not the only one.

The new website still has it's bugs and improvements that needs to be made, but that's pretty normal with new sites. As I always say... a new website is like a pair of new jeans. You'll need to break them in, and after a while, they'll start to fit your butt.