No 1 About the designs

What can visual design offer for a user experience? What is the significance of graphics in a user interface? I'm fascinated by questions like these and compelled by strong visual concepts in UI designs.

I've gathered on this page a selection some of my recent UI designs. Some are commissioned and some are personal sketches, that I occasionally like to print out, whenever I have a good idea. I'm one of those designers who really enjoys creating analoques and materialistic feels. In the limits of good taste of course. I like elements that look intuitive to use, for example buttons that look like you could actually press them and surfaces that have the right kind of textures to provoke a sense of a specific material.

Movie player UI Design

UI design sketch for a movie player app.

Meeting room booking app

UI design for a meeting room booking app.

Light meter app UI Design

UI design for a light meter app, used in photography.

eCommerce design for film photography shop

Pop-up style quick view for analog photography equipment.

UI design for audio player

UI concept for an audio player.

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